When I am alone, I am loved.

This! ♥

1 Timothy 4:12

I feel most loved by having quality time with others and physical, affectionate touch.

It has always really hard for me to be alone. For a number of seasons in my life, I have struggled with loneliness, isolation, and some neglect. Mostly from age 13 up until my most recent years. I hate being alone. It feels like the worst thing that could happen to me. It depresses me, it makes me sad, it makes me cry, it makes me just overall feel very empty. On bad days, I will take naps so I don’t have to be awake and conscious of how lonely I feel.

This is not to say I don’t reach out to others or try to not be alone, or be near people, but somehow I still often end up in situations where I spend so much time alone with not much choice in changing that.

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