Does God Use Pain “For My Good”? Does Everything Happen For a Reason?

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J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Is suffering a “part of God’s Plan”? Does God use trials to teach us a lesson? Does everything really happen for a reason?

A hard look at the Problem of God vs. Suffering, and why easy answers won’t work in the middle of the mess.

Get my new book on persevering through trials & suffering, Mad About God.

— J.S.

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Why I won’t leave the church


Apprentice 2 Jesus

For all the angst out there about evangelicals “leaving church,” and there are good reasons to get disappointed (so don’t get me wrong), Scot McKnight hits another home run in an interview regarding his latest book. When asked about evangelicals “leaving the church” he says this:

…as divorce is easy so leaving church is easy. The rugged commitment to one another that ought to shape a person’s commitment to a church has been transcended today by seeing church as a place to go to hear a sermon and get something, and if the sermon isn’t good enough or if the person is not getting enough out of it, they pack up and move on. This denies the fundamental commitment to one another in the New Testament church as a fellowship. Leaving a church needs to be experienced more like a divorce than a change of scenery.

For all the problems…

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8 Signs of Hyper-Grace Churches

Escape to Reality

Hyper-grace churchCharisma Magazine recently published an article entitled “8 signs of hyper-grace churches.” Using words like “decline” and “distorted” and “sexually immoral” the article argued that churches built on the message of “free grace” are part of a “dangerous trend” that needs to be opposed and confronted.

What does a hyper-grace church look like? According to the article’s author, a hyper-grace church is one where the pastor only preaches positive messages, doesn’t insist on tithes, and key members of the church are living in sin. Hyper-grace churches are also known for promoting immoral people into positions of leadership, and by refusing to engage in culture wars, they are effectively condoning abortion and the killing of babies.

Honestly, for spouting such libelous nonsense it’s a wonder Charisma Magazine hasn’t been sued into bankruptcy. That they haven’t surely speaks to the good grace and patience of those they slander.

In the…

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Trying to Get More or Overflowing?

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You anoint my head with oil; my [brimming] cup runs over. (Psalm 23:5, AMP)

In the Charismatic (and maybe other) parts of the church, we always seem to be focusing on “getting more”. This mindset that we are lacking and vulnerable and need to get God to do something robs us of the true New Covenant existence.

We tend to think in terms of how to get rather than how to give. While I definitely believe in dam-breakinggetting alone with God and basking in His presence, I think there is a whole lot to releasing what is already in us that we need to tap into.

In everyone’s favorite book of the Bible, the letter to Philemon, Paul desires, that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus (vs.6). 

Other translations render the phrase “sharing of your faith”…

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What about God’s Wrath?

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Escape to Reality

foot_from_heavenThe other night my little girl was on the toilet when she started yelling. “There’s a spider!” Normally, I would encourage my kids to face their fears and deal with spiders on their own but I could hear panic in my daughter’s voice. Poor kid. Stuck on the porcelain throne she was in no position to deal with a terrifying spider.

Time for Daddy to be a hero!

I charged into the bathroom like a grizzly bear. “Where is this terrible creature that dares to frighten you, sweetie?” She pointed and I saw a tiny black spider on the floor. I pretended not to see it. Then I planted my foot on it as I looked around.

“Where is that nasty spider?” I asked in mock confusion. “I can’t see it?”

“Daddy, you’re standing on it!”

I lifted my foot revealing one squashed spider. Threat removed, problem solved, one happy…

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